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MR Estate Sale
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 by Michelle Aguirre
Exceeded Expectations

This is the BEST estate sale company you could possibly find! Michael and Ray are incredibly good at what they do. From their research to advertise reasonable prices to creating a safe and well displayed shopping space for the estate sale. Everything was priced and decorated so nicely. You can rest assure that you will get the highest net amount possible for your sale. It takes people with compassion and integrity to be in this line of business. MR Estate Sale is just that. As a realtor I've interviewed many companies in SaddleBrooke and I know I wouldn't recommend anyone else. It's been a difficult time to say the least for my client. Transitioning is by far the hardest chapter in our lives. Thank you for the great big smile my client had on his face when he received his check. Thank you for your compassion and all your hard work. Most of all.....Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the service you provide.

Blessings to you and everyone there at MR Estate Sale.

With kind regards,
Michelle Aguirre

Michelle, like you we try to do our best for each Estate Sale we do, BECAUSE, we know it's what our clients are going through "THE" hardest move in their lifetime..... THANK YOU for your kind words, appreciate it VERY MUCH!!!! When you need us again we are a phone call away......AGAIN, THANK YOU!!!!!!!

Michael & Ray 


 by Beverly and Tom Radford
That was easy

Moving is never easy but MR Estate Sales - Michael & Ray & CO. made it seem that way.
So incredibly organized and so knowledgeable of furniture & collectibles.

SaddleBrooke is lucky to have them.


Beverly & Tom,
THANK YOU for your very kind words. You guys were wonderful to work for, you asked questions and you took our advice and everything went very smoothly.... We are SO glad you are happy with MR Estate Sale. 
BEST WISHES in your "next" chapter of life




 by Jim and Sue Wanken
We Didn’t Do It Ourselves

We used MR Estate Sale to co-ordinate the move from our villa to an already furnished house. Michael and Ray gave us the best advice on how to approach the move. Always open for questions, friendly and organized, they find joy in helping others. They stage, price and sell all items, BIG or small. When the sale is over, all items will be gone and the rooms left in perfect condition. Leave the sale to Michael and Ray, they’ll get it done right!

Jim & Sue we appreciate your kind words, you were a joy to work with... We wish you both much joy in your new home...
                                                      Be Healthy - Be Happy........THANK YOU, AGAIN !!!!!

 by Sherman thomas

I have been going to a state sales for years and by far you guys are the best at setting up and making everything look so professional and you're prices are very reasonable you guys are well mannered and well behaved very friendly people and that guy Mike the man in the garage is very very friendly And as well as the rest of the staff the staff I appreciate you guys and look forward to coming to your sales in the future God-bless you and see you guys soon.

Sherman............THANK YOU FOR YOUR VERY KIND WORDS!!!!!!  We work hard to make EVERYONE feel "Welcomed" and by the sounds of your review we have accomplished  our gool. SEE YOU AT OUR NEXT SALE
again THANK YOU !!!!!!!!!
Michael & Ray
MR Estate Sale

 by Susie Arnold
Don't do it yourself!

I recently moved within Saddlebrooke. I didn't move an entire household as I bought a furnished house and kept a lot of my own furniture. I thought I could do it myself and didn't need Michael and Ray. HA!

I had two back-to-back sales, on my own. It was exhausting and chaotic. I should have known from the beginning, I was in over my head. In Saddlebrooke, you need signage that states - "ESTATE SALE". No moving sale - no garage sale. Do you know that no one in town sells signs that say ESTATE SALE? You can't make signs by hand - the HOA doesn't allow it. They must be printed - but how? Sandwich boards to put them on - from where? I should have known I was in over my head. There is no exaggeration - I had hours into making those signs which didn't look professional at all.

It took days to attempt to "stage" the house for a sale. When the door opened Saturday morning - nothing resembled the MR sale. Missing was organization, flowers and candies and most importantly, their friendly faces. I was so exhausted from getting ready for the sale, I couldn't enjoy the sale or the wonderful people of Saddlebrooke who came to the sale. I sat in a chair - my legs and back killing me from days of work. There were no smiling faces like Michael and Ray ALWAYS have. I was a wreck and just wanted the day to be over with. Also missing, was the throngs of customers/friends Michael and Ray garner. There is something to having an established email list of recurring customers. When my sales were over, I was left with everything that didn't sell. I also was left with those same aching legs and back. I did't have a truck to haul it away - or boxes - or man power to clean up afterwards. It was SO MUCH WORK and SO LITTLE PAYBACK.

I'm going to die in my new house - don't ever want to move again and certainly don't want to work that hard again. Our kids don't want our "CRAP". They don't want to haul it back to their own home state and they don't want to deal with it. I have a file in my office with instructions for my daughter of what to do and who she should call..when that time comes - and it always does... I told her to call Michael and Ray. Their card is in my file.

Trust MR Estate Sale to take care of everything. Trust them to get the most money for everything and trust them to do it professionally and safely. They've been in business for a long time. They know what they are doing and know how to do it. They certainly make it look easy. Believe me - there is nothing easy about it and it isn't fun. Do it right the first time - let them organize, sell and complete your sale. Let them give you a huge check when its over and pour yourself another drink!

Susie, Reading your review I had a BIG smile on my face and could hear your voice reading it to me. YOU ARE SO RIGHT.... It IS a LOT of work.......We make it LOOK easy BUT there is NOTHING easy about it, SO THANK YOU for your HIGH PRAISE !!!!!!!!  LOOK FORWARD TO SEEING YOU AT OUR NEXT Estate Sales, nothing like seeing your smiling face come in the door.
Michael & Ray
MR Estate Sale

 by Mary
Terrifically Run Estate Sales

Working with Michael, Ray and their entire team is a wonderful experience. It is always fun to go to their estate sales and no matter who you talk to on the team, they are always kind and do their best to answer your questions. Michael and Ray go out of their way to create an organized sale and the presentation of items is excellent. Who also puts beautiful flowers out around the house to make you smile…..Michael and Ray, Thank you gentlemen, for all you do!

Mary, THANK YOU for ALL your trust in us!!!!!!!! It was a PLEASURE to work with you...... Hope you are well, settled and happy. Your kind words are VERY MUCH appreciated.
Again, THANK YOU & God Bless
Michael & Ray
MR Estate Sale 

 by David Liske
Couldn't be Happier.

This review is long overdue, as Michael and Ray conducted an estate sale for my parent's house last month. The short story is we couldn't be happier in using Michael and Ray, and we recommend them highly. The longer story is below.

With my parent's having to be relocated, we found ourselves in a position of having to figure out what to do with their belongings. We had never been exposed to an estate sale before, but it came up as an option since we didn't simply want to pack up their things and move them into storage. The expense didn't make sense, especially since most of their household goods wouldn't be needed in a new home.

We started cold-calling estate sale companies, and we weren't having a lot of luck in coordinating schedules to meet. We live in another state, so our time was limited whenever we came to AZ. To make a long story short, it was another estate sale company who recommended we call Michael and Ray, as this one company was apparently familiar with their reputation.

Well, we did just that. We set up a meeting at the house, did a walk through the home with Ray, and at the end of the day we knew we wanted to use MR Estate Sale. It was a great decision.

Living in another state caused me to wonder how smoothly things would go since no one was at the house, but this was no issue whatsoever. Communication with Michael and Ray was outstanding, and if there were questions on their end on how to handle something, they called and asked. Nothing was assumed.

I could probably go on further, but it would just be a continuation of how nice it was to work with the guys and how happy we are at the end of the entire process.

So, if you're looking to have an estate sale, at least give these guys a call. Everyone's situation is different, but Michael and Ray were definitely the right choice for us. Thank you to both of you.

David, Life is a two way street..... YOU GUYS WERE SO NICE TO US, your trust and confidence with us was SO MUCH APPRECIATED and when both parties are good only good can come out of things. THANK YOUfor ALL your kindness.........
Be Healthy
Be Happy
God Bless. 

 by Lynn & Corky Pike
Masterfully organized & executed!

The magic you performed for our estate sale is beyond description in every category from perfection in staging, marketing, researching values, organizing traffic flow & managing buyers during the sale days. For a solid week prior to the sale you managed to turn our home into a decorator fantasyland for the 2-day event and then bring in a cleaning crew to make things shiny & renewed. You did the heavy lifting that made our exit from the house a carefree farewell. Our thanks to you, M&R, with all of your professional team for providing this impressive service --- my stuff never looked so good! THANK YOU!

Lynn and Corky your kind words are VERY MUCH APPRECIATED...more importantly you are happy with MR Estate Sale, our team and the overall event with did for you. We wish you ALL the best, THANK YOU !!!!!
Be Healthy
Be Happy
God Bless.

 by Gary French
Best of the best

I am always impressed by Michael, Ray and their teams of helpers, not to mention their stellar estate sales. They consistently provide an enjoyable, first-class experience. Their organizational skills and sense of the aesthetic are truly unrivaled by others attempting the same. Each home they represent becomes a high-quality museum by opening time, providing a pleasurable event for the senses while offering beautiful, often one-of-a-kind treasures. ALWAYS my go-to event when there are multiple in the area but I only have time for one.

Thank you, Michael, Ray and team for an always pleasurable sensory buying experience.

Gary, you are SO NICE to say ALL these kind things about us - BUT - REALLY - You make our day when you come into our sales with your smile and easy-to-talk  personality AND YOU KNOW GOOD!!!!! THANK YOU YOUR SUPPORT. BE HEALTHY/ BE HAPPY !!!!!!!!!!

 by Eunice mayhew
A job well done!

Hey Michael and Ray,
I loaned my house to you for a few days and just what did you do? 😀
My neighbors said you threw a huge party that lasted two days! 😉
Thank you, thank you! For your energy, experience and impeccable taste.
P.S. I heard the party was great fun and I am delighted with the outcome of the sale.
Both of you were a pleasure to work with. .. from beginning to end.

Eunice you and your Family were SO VERY SWEET to work for, THANK YOU for your very kind words
Ray and I wish you all the best.  TAKE CARE OF MY CAR (Ha, Ha, Ha........) Be Healthy, Be Happy - ENJOY!

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